Warm Cabbage and Green Beans

This dish is a more complicated. It’s adapted from a recipe by Marcus Samuelsson, the Ethiopian-born chef who grew up in Sweden. This is definitely from the Ethiopian side of his heritage. This recipe ran about 2 years ago in the New York Times. Injera is available at the DeKalb Farmers Market. I’ve tried making my own – total failure! This is one time that store bought definitely trumps homemade.

Pasta with Spicy Cabbage

I wish I could tell you where this recipe came from – but it is amazing. I made it last weekend (with fresh pasta from a Slow Food class at Storico Fresco) and if I had to eat nothing but this dish for the next three months, I’d be very happy. The original recipe called for bacon. Fine. Add it. But it’s totally not necessary.

Cold Noodles with Fresh and Preserved Greens

Preserved mustard greens can be found canned at most Chinese markets but I’ve included a recipe for preserved greens that you could make with your collard greens. Yes, you’ll have to plan ahead of this dish, but you’ll have an interesting way to use up some of your collards.

Try your romaine lettuce in this dish, or the tender radish and beet greens. Or the cabbage! Or use the kale and cook the greens a little longer than called for here.

Adapted from recipes on seriouseats.com and Saveur magazine.