Cantaloupe Soup with Basil

I’m on a melon mission this week. We’ve been making cantaloupe granita from a great recipe from Walker Brown of Inman’s Park’s Wisteria Restaurant. Can’t share that recipe yet, it publishes in the AJC on August 11, but here’s a similar recipe for a melon soup that you could turn into a granita just by adding a little simple syrup and then freezing it. If you need some other melon ideas, check out The recipes there are generally for watermelon, but you could use the cantaloupe in most.

This recipe is fabulous. No idea where I first found it. Use it as a cold soup as it was first intended, add a little seltzer or club soda and make a spritzer, add a little gin and make a cocktail, add a little simple syrup and freeze it for a granita. It couldn’t be simpler and it couldn’t be more delicious.

Pickled Watermelon Rind

I’ve been wanting to make pickled watermelon rind and am delighted to have an organic melon for just that purpose. Can I convince you to give pickling a try?

Martha McMillin of The Preserving Place suggests wrapping pickled watermelon rind in prosciutto for a great Southern twist on the traditional melon-prosciutto combination. Yum.