Eggplant and Herb Pickle

This Persian pickle is a great way to serve eggplant. I got the original recipe from Saveur magazine. The dried mint is a totally Arabic thing. Don’t substitute fresh. Just skip it if you don’t have dried.

Eggplant Hash

This recipe is from Deborah Geering, local vegetarian food writer. She suggests it’s perfect with eggs and toast. Peppers are sort of “required” for hash, so if you don’t have any, run to your favorite local farmers market and pick some up. Any pepper will do – bell peppers, fancy Italian frying peppers … even hot peppers depending on how much heat you like.

Eggplant Un-Parmesan

The plethora of eggplant we’ve been receiving can be as daunting to some as a weekly small bag of okra. This recipe from Mark Bittman can be served as is, or over cornmeal mush or polenta if you still have some Riverview ground corn in your freezer from last year.