(2017) Garlic-Potato Deviled Eggs

Everyone needs one more deviled egg recipe. Right? This one’s from something called “Homestyle Family Favorites Annual Recipes 2008.” They use just a few of the egg yolks in order to reduce the cholesterol in the deviled eggs. If that’s not an issue in your family, then keep them all!

Crispy Smashed Potatoes

As long as potatoes keep showing up in our box, I keep thinking of ways to enjoy them.

This recipe is like the best way to use those pretty potatoes – simple and then you season them however you wish. They really are irresistible.

Salt Roasted Potatoes

Back in July, Adrian Villarreal of Rreal Tacos prepared salt-cooked potatoes. They were amazing and completely crave-worthy. He boiled them in very, very salted water until the water all evaporated. Which left a saucepan that would only be good for salt-cooking potatoes in the future (a thick salt crust that didn’t appear to be coming loose any time soon).

This recipe from “The Improvisational Cook” by Sally Schneider will save your cookware but give you similar results with very little trouble. Pick up a box of kosher salt and try it. Mix up a little sour cream with chives and serve alongside.

Potato Tacos

Maybe you’re already on to potato tacos, but I don’t think I’d had one until this year. We’ve had a bounty of potatoes this season, so you might be looking for some different ways to use them up. Cook up the potatoes ahead of time – maybe make a bigger batch so you have some cooked, seasoned potatoes for potato salad – and then brown the potatoes just before you’re ready to eat.