(2017) Beet and Mint Slaw

Love this recipe from Whole Foods. No need to cook the beets. Their recipe used fennel which of course isn’t in our box this week. You could add sliced radishes (sliced instead of grated like the beets so you can some contrasting textures). Hope you have mint in the garden because it really makes this slaw sing. I think I’ve mentioned before how much I like dried fruit in salads. Substitute golden raisins, chopped dates, dried cranberries or whatever you have on hand. And if you want a little crunch, chop up some pecans or add some sunflower seeds. Great for a Memorial Day picnic.

Shaved Fennel, Celery and Blueberry Salad

These days we are seeing lots of kale or spinach and strawberry salads on restaurant menus. A nice pairing of two seasonal ingredients. But why not extend that sort of thinking into early summer with fennel and blueberries? This is a basic idea you can modify by including whatever vegetables you like. And add some of that beautiful local celery. Just be sure to slice it thinly.

Roasted Beets, Fennel, and Carrots with Blackberry Vinaigrette

Tyler Williams of Woodfire Grill demonstrated this recipe at Morningside Farmers Market earlier this month. It’s a perfect use of several things in your box (substitute more beets if you don’t have carrots around). Blackberries are in season right this minute and available at most local farmers markets this weekend, so stock up! No faro on hand? Substitute Israeli couscous, orzo or even rice.

Jenn Robbins’ Purple Kohlrabi Slaw

Jenn Robbins of Avalon Catering created this recipe to showcase colorful purple kohlrabi. It’s just as delicious with the more common green variety but it’s perfect for the purple variety which loses its lovely color when it’s cooked.

Slaw wasn’t her only idea for using this vegetable. “I love kohlrabi! It creams beautifully with the greens mixed in, goes great in a potato salad dressed with a lemon vinaigrette, we also shave it and mix it into chicken salad, use it in our cold weather glazed/scalloped vegetable dish and I have even seen a peer make kohlrabi kraut,” she said. So now you’ve got lots of other ideas for your kohlrabi.