(2017) Apple Compote

Another recipe from seriouseats.com. You don’t have to cook the apples in apple cider, but it definitely bumps up the flavor of these apples. Use water if you prefer, or if you just don’t have apple cider available.

(2017) Cabbage Salad with Tahini Dressing

This recipe from SeriousEats.com is good when it’s fresh, but it’s really nice when it’s wilted as well. A great do-ahead. If you’re going to make it ahead, combine the cabbage and onion and add just a little salt. Let the vegetables sit maybe two hours in a colander and then give them a good squeeze. Now you’ve removed a lot of the moisture and the dressing won’t get watered down as the salad rests.

(2017) Mexican Stuffed Peppers

I’ve been making a bunch of stuffed peppers this year. Usually it’s a quick and easy dish to put together, especially when I cook them in a slow cooker. This recipe from “Flat Belly Diet! Cookbook” calls for frozen corn. Use it or not. And you can substitute some chopped fresh tomatoes for the can of stewed tomatoes called for here.