Curried Okra

Mary Moore of Cook’s Warehouse demonstrated this recipe at a recent Morningside Farmers Market. I’ve made it twice now, using okra and squash, and then okra and eggplant. It’s an easy recipe to adapt to whatever vegetable is sitting there waiting for you.

Stir Fry Okra and Tofu

This recipe from the fine folks at Moore Farms and Friends, and it’s given in their own words. (No peppers in this week’s box, but you could add some of those little tomatoes instead.)

Oven Roasted Okra

Not everyone welcomes okra the way I do. But this recipe from Freedom Farmers Market is easy and turns the okra crisp instead of slimy. A very simple way to use up the okra in today’s box. No thyme? Just skip it. What other fresh herbs do you have? Or have you been collecting, like I have, all these “new” smoked peppers like Urdu and Aleppo peppers? They’re easy to become addicted to – now I have to ration myself when I visit Savory Spice at the intersection of Virginia and Highland.

Okra Creole

Unlike melons, okra is one tough vegetable. This old-time recipe is a great way to enjoy and truly, cooking the okra in tomatoes seems to cut down on the “slime” factor. But full disclosure – I love okra in any form, I never get the “it’s slimy” contingent, so can’t promise this still won’t seem “slimy” to the okraphobe.

By the way, perfectly fine to eat the little okra caps, as long as the okra is small and tender, like the ones we’ve been getting.

If you cooked and froze some of the corn bounty from earlier this year, then you’ve got a cup of frozen kernels perfect for this dish. If there’s no fresh, or your own fresh-frozen, corn available, it’s ok to use commercial frozen corn (the only frozen vegetable you’ll ever find at my house), or just skip it. Try adding a cup of diced squash instead. Or in addition to the other vegetables. It’s up to you.