(2017) Wilted Greens Pasta

This is my go-to for any greens that show up in the box. Delicious with kale but amazing with cabbage. (If that bok choy from last week is still in the refrigerator, try it in this recipe.) Takes no longer to make than it takes to cook the pasta. No idea where I got this idea originally.

Health Soup

So a little more complicated, a recipe from the New York Times. Delicious and worth pulling together. I’m finding lots of dried shiitakes these days at local farmers markets – a great way for the farmer to add value to shiitakes he/she might not have been able to sell fresh.

If you prefer, use instant dashi for the whole kombu/bonita flake thing. All available at Sevananda or wherever you buy such things.

Collard and Olive Pesto

At our house, collards seldom show up undisguised. I make a fabulous collard tabouli and my husband has no idea he’s eating collards. He’s also not a fan of basil pestos, but this collard pesto from Southern Living is a delicious substitute.

In case you need a few ideas for using it up, the magazine suggested stirring some into hot mashed potatoes, into egg salad or just into mayonnaise and then using that as a sandwich spread. Perfect for a ham sandwich, I think.