(2017) Pasta with Kale Pesto

Adapted from a recipe in Saveur magazine. Have you tried making pesto with kale? Delicious. And no telling how long kale will still be coming in, so enjoy while you can. Blanching the kale keeps the pesto a bright green. Not entirely necessary, but a nice touch.

(2017) Garlic-Potato Deviled Eggs

Everyone needs one more deviled egg recipe. Right? This one’s from something called “Homestyle Family Favorites Annual Recipes 2008.” They use just a few of the egg yolks in order to reduce the cholesterol in the deviled eggs. If that’s not an issue in your family, then keep them all!

Dixie Winfrey’s Yellow Squash with Garlic Cream Sauce

Dixie Winfrey is the mom of Judith Winfrey of Love is Love Farm at Gaia Gardens and PeachDish. This recipe ran in Atlanta magazine. From Susan Puckett’s writeup: “A caterer, Dixie traveled to France and learned how to master velouté (a velvety “mother sauce” made with a butter-based roux) after having it served over squash blossoms. Back home, she tried the same sauce technique over the actual squash, which she simmered just enough to retain some of its crunch. Even her squash-phobic daughter approved. Now squash is a staple in both their kitchens during the summer months.”