Health Soup

So a little more complicated, a recipe from the New York Times. Delicious and worth pulling together. I’m finding lots of dried shiitakes these days at local farmers markets – a great way for the farmer to add value to shiitakes he/she might not have been able to sell fresh.

If you prefer, use instant dashi for the whole kombu/bonita flake thing. All available at Sevananda or wherever you buy such things.

Collard and Olive Pesto

At our house, collards seldom show up undisguised. I make a fabulous collard tabouli and my husband has no idea he’s eating collards. He’s also not a fan of basil pestos, but this collard pesto from Southern Living is a delicious substitute.

In case you need a few ideas for using it up, the magazine suggested stirring some into hot mashed potatoes, into egg salad or just into mayonnaise and then using that as a sandwich spread. Perfect for a ham sandwich, I think.

Cathy Conway’s Collards with Smoked Tomatoes and Cornmeal Dumplings

Chef Cathy Conway is the founder/executive chef of Avalon Catering – completely dedicated to local food. I do not remember how I got this recipe from her, but it’s delicious. I’m just loving dumplings these days.

Do you have some Riverview cornmeal leftover from last year’s boxes? Then you’re all set.