(2017) Kale Celery and Pineapple Power Juice

This recipe was submitted by CSA subscriber Silvia Medrano-Edelstein, the chef instructor and founder of Word of Mouth Cooking Club specializing in kid’s gourmet meal-kit prepping camps and specialty events like kiddie mocktails and gingerbread houses. Her recipes don’t include exact measurements, but you can figure it out.

(2017) Stir-Fried Beef and Celery

This recipe showed up in my inbox today, sent by the folks at the Splendid Table. It’s from “Malaysian: Recipes From a Family Kitchen” by Ping Coombes. When I saw the first sentence of their description, I thought it was apropos for that beautiful bunch of celery in today’s box: “The star of the dish here is the celery. It’s an undervalued vegetable and often an afterthought thrown into salads or soup stock, or served as crudités, or enjoyed with a Bloody Mary. But I love this vegetable. If I can have it stir-fried with loads of garlic, salt and white rice, I am a happy girl. I find the combination of medium-rare beef and celery divine, so here is my version of Cantonese black bean and beef, given a celery oomph. Serve it with plenty of rice.”

Shaved Fennel, Celery and Blueberry Salad

These days we are seeing lots of kale or spinach and strawberry salads on restaurant menus. A nice pairing of two seasonal ingredients. But why not extend that sort of thinking into early summer with fennel and blueberries? This is a basic idea you can modify by including whatever vegetables you like. And add some of that beautiful local celery. Just be sure to slice it thinly.