Blueberry Coconut Muffins

When you see blueberries, do you automatically think – blueberry muffins? I do. Here’s a recipe from Food52 that gives those muffins a tropical twist. You could try it with coconut oil instead of butter. I haven’t – but would love to hear from you if you do.

Bulgur with Blueberries

Suzanne’s been quick to keep the recipe ideas updated. Last week’s blueberry pickles are already online at But if you need more ideas, I’ve got one more offering. It’s a little sweet from the orange juice and would make a fabulous breakfast. Top it with yogurt maybe? It came originally from Prevention Magazine.

Do you know bulgur? They sell it bulk at Sevananda and Whole Foods, and probably at other places as well. You don’t have to cook it at all, just soak it in water to soften the grains. The original magazine recipe called for cooking the bulgur, but I’ve adapted it so there’s no more heat in the kitchen.

Pickled Blueberries

Chefs are pickling things like crazy these days. It’s the same tradition that has kept food preserving going for centuries – the desire to put up the bounty of the season so it can be enjoyed throughout the year. This recipe is from chef Tyler Kord of New York City who created them to go with a sandwich of Brie, pistachios and chervil. I think they’d be delicious on any sandwich or with any dish where you might be thinking “chutney.”

This one is so simple you won’t believe it. No heating of anything.

Shaved Fennel, Celery and Blueberry Salad

These days we are seeing lots of kale or spinach and strawberry salads on restaurant menus. A nice pairing of two seasonal ingredients. But why not extend that sort of thinking into early summer with fennel and blueberries? This is a basic idea you can modify by including whatever vegetables you like. And add some of that beautiful local celery. Just be sure to slice it thinly.