(2017) Vegetable Crostini with Squash and Onion

Recipe Author: Silvia Medrano-Edelstein

This recipe was submitted by CSA subscriber Silvia Medrano-Edelstein, the chef instructor and founder of Word of Mouth Cooking Club specializing in kid’s gourmet meal-kit prepping camps and specialty events like kiddie mocktails and gingerbread houses. Her recipes don’t include exact measurements, but you can figure it out.


puff pastry olive oil (or infused oil) sale garlic egg milk veggies


Master Recipe: Puff pastry defrosted, preheat oven to 450 degrees. Put puff pastry on pan you will eventually cook on. I used a cast iron pan. Slice Riverview vegetables uniformly and coat with any world cuisine’s iconic spices and a touch of any infused oil (I like truffle oil). Here I went with simple seasoning: himalayan salt and sliced Riverview garlic. Beat one egg and a touch of milk (you are not going for a custard layer…just trying to bind all the loose veggies together when you cut it). Layer veggies on bottom of puff pastry, fold up edges. Bake until veggies cook. Keep an eye on the pastry though. Take out and add sliced tomatoes on top. Obviously, this master “recipe” can be switched up in any way.