(2017) Pasta with Eggplant Sauce

I love eggplant and was so tickled to see it in the box today. Maybe for today, maybe for later in the summer when you need some other eggplant ideas, try this slow-cooker recipe for an eggplant sauce. Love it. The original came from Better Homes and Gardens magazine. It calls for canned tomatoes, but when the tomatoes start coming in, it’s delicious made with fresh tomatoes.

(2017) Fermented Dill Beans

Time to bring out the pickling recipes. I’m sorry I don’t remember where this one came from, but it’s pretty standard. The notes in the recipe are from the original (whatever that was!) source.

If you want to add a little sugar, that works, too. This one is so easy. No heating, just make a brine and then add the beans and seasoning. You could do the same with spears of squash.

(2017) Summer Squash Risotto

Yes, you could make squash casserole, or grill your squash, or just stir fry it. But maybe you’d like to try this risotto idea from thekitchn.com. Risotto is such a thing these days that you’ll find Arborio rice on the shelves at every grocery store. I remember when it was a specialty item and you had to search!

(2017) Spring Onion Jam

Just Burdett of Miller Union demonstrated this recipe five year ago (!!) at the Peachtree Road Farmers Market. Who thinks about green onions for jam? Delicious. Juniper berries are available at Sevandanda in the bulk herb section (and probably other places) and you can just buy a few. Worth the less than 50 cent investment for this recipe.

(2017) Stir-Fried Beef and Celery

This recipe showed up in my inbox today, sent by the folks at the Splendid Table. It’s from “Malaysian: Recipes From a Family Kitchen” by Ping Coombes. When I saw the first sentence of their description, I thought it was apropos for that beautiful bunch of celery in today’s box: “The star of the dish here is the celery. It’s an undervalued vegetable and often an afterthought thrown into salads or soup stock, or served as crudités, or enjoyed with a Bloody Mary. But I love this vegetable. If I can have it stir-fried with loads of garlic, salt and white rice, I am a happy girl. I find the combination of medium-rare beef and celery divine, so here is my version of Cantonese black bean and beef, given a celery oomph. Serve it with plenty of rice.”

(2017) Okonomiyaki

This recipe comes from Food 52. Okonomiyaki are Japanese pancakes with bits of shrimp and ribbons of cabbage and green onions. I love this combination of flavors. Worth the little bit of work to get this made.