(2017) Susan Rebecca White’s Poached Egg with Greens and Cornbread Croutons

Just in case you needed an inspiration for your eggs and greens. You’ll have to have some cornbread made from Riverview Farms to do this up right.

It was originally published by Susan Puckett in Atlanta magazine. Here’s what Puckett had to say:

“Hints of Susan Rebecca White’s Georgia upbringing appear on her table as regularly as they do in her books—but rarely in the form of a Southern-fried cliche. Take her riff on a childhood favorite. “When I was little, my mom would make fried toast with a hole cut out in the middle and an egg cooked inside it,” says the Atlanta native. “We called them ‘cowboy hats’; some name it ‘toad in the hole.’”

“Later, living alone in New York, she began preparing a healthy variation of the dish she discovered in Judith Jones’s cookbook The Pleasures of Cooking for One. She’d saute spinach, form the greens into a nest, and slide an egg into the center to poach. Now living back in her home state, White fuses the two versions with a Southern inflection. She uses whatever local greens look freshest at the farmers market. And for croutons, she cuts leftover cornbread into rounds and fries them in butter and olive oil. This recipe makes one serving, though it is easily doubled.”

(2017) Potato and Collard Green Soup

This is an adaptation of a recipe from Pine Street Market, Riverview’s partner in cured and fresh meats. I’ve had this recipe around forever. No salami, just skip it or use some other sausage. The fennel and thyme go well with their salami – if you’re using something else, you might want to swap out seasonings based on the flavors in your sausage. By the way, their dried salamis are small – maybe 4 ounces?

(2017) Cabbage Vegetable Soup

I just ran into this recipe while going through a stack of food magazines kept for “inspiration” for some other projects and its homey nature – and the fact that it’s so easy – made it very appealing. Making this tonight. It’s from everydayfood.com.