(2017) Scalloped Sweet Potatoes

Totally decadent, but a great way to use the giant sweet potato (at least mine was) in today’s box. From chow.com which adapted it from Southern Living. If yours was as big as mine, cut the potato into quarters before slicing. You want pieces that will fit in a muffin cup. Pretty individual servings. Fancy!

(2017) Apple Shrub

Are you a fan of shrubs? We are crazy about them at my house. This apple shrub recipes came from allrecipes.com. A friend on Orcas Island where they have more fruit trees per household than any other place I’ve been swears by this recipe to help use up the bounty from her backyard apple tree. Extra delicious with local ginger, of course.

(2017) Herbed Fromage Blanc with Peppers

Brandon Dienger of Restaurant Eugene demoed this recipe at last week’s Peachtree Road Farmers Market. Cut those peppers into wedges and then top with these herbed cheese.

He made it with Woodsman and Wife fromage blanc, but it would be just as delicious with Decimal Place chevre, or any soft cheese you prefer.