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Vegetables and Fruits

Each year, we grow over thirty varieties of certified organic vegetables and some fruit, including the most flavorful Georgia-grown cantaloupes you’ll ever taste! Growing conditions vary from year to year, but we always strive to produce high quality produce, bursting with flavor and freshness.


Heritage Pork

Known for its sweet flavorful meat, our heritage breed pigs—Berkshire (or Kurobuta), Tamworth, Cheshire—are bred, born, and raised on the farm. We grow all of the food that our animals eat: certified organic corn, vegetables, fruits, and forages. We use no growth hormones or antibiotics to promote unnatural hyper-growth. Our farm raised heritage pork is lean, with shorter muscle fibers and finer marbling. It is deep pink in color, sweet, juicy and delicious.


Grass-fed Beef

Our cows are bred, born, raised, and finished on our farm where they eat a buffet of forages (grasses) on our pastures. We never use hormones or feed antibiotics to our cows. Grass-fed beef is not only safer for the environment, it’s healthier for people, too. With lower fat content and a high omega 3 level that matches fish, more omega 3s in your diet reduces heart disease by 50%. Leaner than grain-fed meat, grass-fed meat cooks somewhat differently.

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The heirloom and non-GM varieties of white, yellow, and red corn that we grow are milled on site to create our corn meal, grits, and polenta. After harvesting and drying, the entire kernel is stone-ground. No pesticides or preservatives are ever added to extend shelf life. If you don’t eat it all right away, storage in the freezer is recommended. Containing 100% corn, all our milled products are naturally gluten free.