We started our produce CSA in 2002, and deliver to  Today, we deliver to seven pickup locations in Atlanta. Because we work with other sustainable and organic farms in our area, we’re able to consistently deliver an interesting box of 5-7 items (typically), for 30 weeks every year. Our CSA includes the terrific organic  produce that our farm is famous for: sweet corn, popcorn, melons, tomatoes, garlic, field peas, okra, and onions, in addition to many other veggies and fruits…like apples in the fall! We sometimes include surprises like cornmeal, grits, or even preserved produce to round things out.

Deliveries start in mid to late May, and continue into mid-December. We break the subscription year into two 15-week sessions, and subscribers can start at any time. The online subscription system prorates the amount due based on the start date. A big fat discount is offered to customers who commit to all 30 weeks of deliveries at the start of the CSA. We offer installment payment plans.  Subscribers can enter vacation holds on their account to skip deliveries for vacation. There’s no way to order only a half share, however, subscribers can coordinate a half share by finding someone to alternate pickups with, or to split a weekly box with.

Visit our produce CSA Facebook page to see photos of CSA box contents reaching back to 2012! It’s a great way to see what we typically deliver. We post recipes pretty much weekly to our CSA Facebook page, and also keep a searchable database of recipes on our website. Scroll to the bottom of the page for the search box.


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