We deliver our meats once a month to pickup locations throughout Atlanta, and offer home delivery in the Atlanta area. On the designated pickup day of the month, your share will be available for pickup at the location of your choosing.

Our meat CSA is more than a CSA!

Flexible time commitments: You can use vacation holds to choose when you want to receive a delivery, one month at a time. If your account includes a balance that covers what you’ve signed up for, you’ll be on the delivery list for that month, if you haven’t opted out.

Flexible ordering: Choose from these different options, every month:

  • Standard share: 10 or 16 pounds, pork-centric mix of our heritage pork and grassfed beef.
  • Pork/Beef share: A 10 lb mix of pork and beef items, including heritage pork cuts and sausage from Riverview Farms, and more grassfed beef than in the standard share.
  • All-beef share: 10 or 16 pounds of grassfed beef.
  • Odd-cuts share: 10 pounds of cuts we don’t normally include in Standard or Pork/Beef shares. For kitchen ninjas who relish working with something out of the ordinary, or larger than ordinary roasts, briskets, etc.
  • Custom box: Choose exactly the cuts you want to receive, with a 12 pound minimum. Billing is based upon retail prices for the packages received, and occurs within days after delivery. It’s just like going to the farmers market, without having to get up early for the best selection. View our standard cut list at this link. $5 packing fee.

Additional items can be added on top of a share; billing for extra packages is based upon retail prices and actual weights of the additional items received. We can also accommodate limited customizations of shares.

Other meat CSAs come, and go. We continue to deliver.

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