Summer Squash


Inspect these when they come out of the box. Like a lot of water-filled vegetables and fruits, they can get a little banged up as they are transported and that little blemish can end up spoiling the whole fruit. So check them out and make a plan for using the ones that are damaged. The whole ones need a quick rinse, a good drying and then they should go into a ventilated plastic bag in the vegetable crisper. They’ll keep well for a few days, then they start to wilt. I’d use mine up in 3 or 4 days at the most.

And as for that damaged squash, rinse, then cut out any damaged parts. Go ahead and saute them or steam them that day. I’d eat them up right away. Or grill them and then dress with a little olive oil. Now you can refrigerate those grilled squash and use them later in the week for a cold salad or to make a really delicious salsa (your favorite salsa recipe – just squash instead of tomatoes). Think about grilling them in planks and making quesadillas or other grilled sandwiches.