spring, fall

Kohlrabi bulbs will keep for weeks – they’re just huge juicy storage containers. But not forever. Refrigerate and think of interesting things to do with them.

I talked to Charlotte once about kohlrabi. She told me puts it in our boxes and then waits for the reaction. “It’s definitely a conversation starter for our members. I love to watch their faces when they pull the kohlrabi out of their box and wonder what in the world it is. We grow two 1,000 foot rows and that provides a few weeks of kohlrabi for the members of our CSA,” she said. Charlotte suggests using kohlrabi raw, slicing it thinly and adding it to your next salad. It’s a bit of a chore, but they are wonderful as a stuffed vegetable. Core them out like an apple, keeping the cored bits to add to a meat- or vegetable-based stuffing. Then fill them up, add broth or tomato sauce, cover and bake. Delicious.