Farm Mobile is our mobile farmers market that makes stops throughout central Atlanta every week, year round. Inside the truck, you’ll find fresh locally grown produce and meats, much of it certified organic, and all of it grown by the best small family farms in our area. We also stock pantry goods created by talented artisans launching their new local food-focused businesses. Find some of Atlanta’s hottest new local food here first!

Our weekly schedule includes partner locations — area businesses and farmers markets. We park at each location for a couple of hours, and shoppers enter the truck and shop from our shelves, fridges, and freezer. We accept cash, check, credit and debit cards, and EBT.

For our schedule, check our Facebook page. We send out a weekly email message with our schedule, too. Click here to add yourself to our email list.

About our stock: It evolves. Some items we have all the time, like Riverview’s excellent country sausage. Others come, go, and come again. We’re always happy to point out what’s special or unusual. Just ask! You can always find everything you’ll need to make a delicious, local food dinner.