q7h4Rv4_KyOkBfCDhzgK9vlT1rGKTTbCJ4IYPRI-VgIWe grow delicious produce, heritage breed pork, grassfed beef, and grains that we gently grind into grits, cornmeal, and polenta.

Ranger, Georgia may be the farm’s mailing address, but it’s the banks of the Coosawattee River north of Ranger that Riverview Farms calls home. Nestled into a crook of the river, the farm has been our family’s stewardship since the 1970s; we started growing certified organic crops in 2000. Today, we operate our entire farm as a closed-loop, single-source entity, one that exceeds organic standards.

Our farm isn’t small and it isn’t big. We fall in the middle, exactly where farming of the future will be. We use natural cycles to increase the fertility of our farm’s soil over time: cover cropping, crop diversity, composting, and rotational grazing through pasture and forest. The vitality of our soil is the bottom line for every farming decision.

Our animals happily roam in the fresh air of the pastures, forests, and swamps of their home, every day. All of our animals are bred, born, and raised on the farm, and we grow everything that they eat from feed crops, to pastures, forests, and non-sellable-but-delicious-to-them veggies. Yes, pigs love melons and tomatoes too! Thanks to their manure, our fields are fertilized with rich organic compost.

We exist to feed thousands of families wholesome delicious food, without overreaching the capacity and sapping the life from our land. We cultivate direct relationships with the families who eat our produce, meats, and grains. They subscribe to our monthly meat and weekly produce CSAs, visit us at farmers markets and on our mobile market truck called FarmMobile. They enjoy supporting their local food economy, and synchronizing their diets seasonally.

Butchers, farm hands, builders, farmers, distillers: Our farming builds rural wealth instead of exporting it to some distant balance sheet. As one of the largest and oldest certified organic farms in Georgia, we’ve mentored and tutored newer farmers like Benji Anderson of Anderson Farms. We’ve provided breeding stock to farms like Gum Creek Farm. And we use our established distribution network to sell organic and sustainably grown products for other farms and local food enterprises, breeding more successful new farms and artisan food businesses.

We’ve been there from before the beginning of the modern local food “movement”, serving on the boards of Georgia Organics, Slow Food Atlanta, and Community Farmers Markets. Speaking at conferences. Holding workshops and farm field days for our customers and other growers. Starting FarmMobile—the first mobile farmers market truck in the Southeast—and helping to start the Grant Park and Freedom Farmers Markets.

Living in harmony with the cycles of nature and the communities that we feed, the quality and flavor of our food tells the Riverview Farms story. One bite and you’ll know the difference that full-circle farming makes. And that Good Goes Around.